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The Tesco Laboratory Approval Scheme Standard has been updated and revision 3 is now available on the TLAS website. The key changes to the Standard are:


  • Some minor changes to Chapter 4 regarding cross contamination control and environmental monitoring.
  • Some changes to Chapter 6 regarding transportation of samples and checking of samples on receipt.
  • Significant changes to Chapter 7, “Test methods”:
    • Clarifying the method authorization process, and making it easier to understand how new methods or modifications can be authorized between audits.
    • Requiring laboratories conducting Listeria detection tests to also have an approved Listeria enumeration test available.


The TLAS protocol has also been updated to reflect the changes to the Standard, and a new application form is available for new and modified method approval.  Both are available on the TLAS website.

Download the letter launching the new version by clicking this link